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    Ingredients that add flavor to the dish

    All of our ingredients are prepared and freshly to be served!

  • Pad Thai
    Pad Thai (Signature Dish)

    Thailand’s signature dish, Pad Thai. Our  freshly homemade sauce will make you ask for more! “Aroi Mak Mak” means delicious in Thai.

  • Thai Beef salad
    Thai Salad (Yum Neua)

    Grilled and marinated beef, a colorful tangy flavor that brings out the best of Thai cuisine & spices.

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    Thai Tea & Thai Iced Coffee

    Heavily brewed black tea with a creamy sweet flavor.

  • satay slider
    Chicken Satay

    Grilled & marinated with curry powder, dip it with Thai peanut sauce.

  • Panang Curry
    Panang Curry

    Thai traditional dish, a thick coconut milk with our homemade combination of spices & fresh herbs.